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‘Rohan’s work seems to come from a place of otherworldly vision. With staggering precision and startling beauty, he renders every detail of these dreams before they can evaporate. The results deserve as much to be printed in our finest books as to be framed and hung on a gallery wall.’

James Palumbo @ Ministry of Sound

Your contribution proved essential to the project: your compositions were clear and very respectful of my text. You're a superb artist. I would happily recommend you.

Paula Mallet @ Feast Creative


“Rohan was a pleasure to work with. The process was very smooth. He responded to our brief and comments well and both myself and the client was very pleased with the finished illustration. The look and feel of the illustration fitted perfectly with the mood of the plays that the theatre wanted to get across in their publicity.”

Joe Hall @ Rapha

The dark element of Rohan's work fits nicely into the suffering and mysterious quality of bike racing. The posters were a huge success, we immediately sold out.

Simon Moore @ Baby

"Rohan's darkly witty illustrations were the perfect accompaniment to the book. His thoughtful and intelligent approach was exactly what we needed and what's more he was a pleasure to work with."


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